Russian Venture Capital Association

RVCA Main Events Schedule 2019

RVCA takes part in the majority of first-rate events in the PE&VC field not only in Russia but as well abroad, standing both as a partner and an organizer.

RVCA Events

Date Location Event
April 10 – 11 Kazan Russian Venture Forum
May Moscow RVCA Annual meeting
October 21 Moscow

The National VC Awards

6 month / 9 month / 12 month   Analytical review «Russian private equity and venture capital market»
Regional venture fairs:
September 18 – 20 Novosibirsk Siberian Venture Fair 2019
Profile working groups:
On schedule Moscow United Legal Group
On schedule Moscow United Analytical Group


RVCA participation

Date Location Event
February 14 – 16 Moscow OpenTalks.AI Conference
June 6 – 8 Saint-Petersburg St. Petersburg International Economic Forum
September 18 – 20 Novosibirsk Forum «Russian technological week» (Technoprom)
October 21 – 23 Moscow Forum and Technology Show Open Innovations 2018
Profile events with the participation of RVCA:
On schedule   Coordination Council of the Market for Innovations and Investments (MII) of Moscow Exchange OJSC
On schedule   Russian Council of Private Equity Funds (RusPEC)
On schedule   Supervisory Board of the Fund for Infrastructure and Educational Programs (FIEP)
On schedule   Council of the Venture Market of RVC JSC
By request Information partnership with key industry events


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