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Elbrus Capital

Elbrus Capital is a leading Russia and CIS-focused private equity business.

Elbrus Capital advises private equity funds which have led over 70 acquisitions since 2007. The funds’ total assets under management exceed $1 billion. Key investors in the funds are large international institutional investors and international development institutions.

Elbrus Capital focuses on leading companies looking for further growth and consolidation opportunities. Funds advised by Elbrus Capital will seek significant influence or controlling stakes in fast growing businesses, and will partner with entrepreneurs who have the ambitions to take their business to the next level of development.

Elbrus Capital is specifically interested in companies active in markets that fall within four key investment themes: changing consumer patterns, business and consumer infrastructure needs, optimising use of natural resources, healthcare and education needs.

The existing portfolio of the funds advised by Elbrus Capital includes the following companies:

  • UTH Russia, a television broadcasting company operating U Channel, MUZ-TV and Disney Channel
  • Viberi Radio, a leading regional radio business in Russia
  • Strela Telecom, a regional provider of broadband internet and cable TV
  • Blesk InCare, a leading operator of industrial laundries, textile management and dust control mats in Russia and Ukraine
  • A large automotive retailer in Siberia
  • SPSR-Express, a leading private express delivery company in Russia
  • PickPoint, a leading operator of parcel lockers and pick-up points in Russia
  • OSG Records Management, a leading document storage and records management business
  • B2B-Center, the largest operator of an online procurement marketplace in Russia
  • National Medical Network, a network of private diagnostic centers in regions of Russia
  • Intercomp, a leading provider of payroll and accounting BPO services in Russia and CIS
  • CIAN Group, a leading online real estate classifieds company in Russia with a longstanding success story
  • HeadHunter, the leader in the online recruitment segment in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus, and Azerbaijan


Address: 123112, Russia, Moscow, 27th Floor Moscow City, Naberezhnaya Tower, Block C, 10 Presnenskaya Nab.

Phone: +7 (495) 663-7400

Fax: +7 (495) 663-7407



Conact person: Karina Tiskina



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