Venture Capital Association

Procedure of the Association membership enrollment

Full membership     Associated membership     Membership fees

  1. Fill in the application form and send it by E-mail
  2. The application handed in by you will be considered at the nearest session of RVCA Administrative Council (AC).
  3. The applicant is regarded as affiliated with the Association membership after being approved by the RVCA Administrative Council, and having the annual membership fee paid. 

At considering the companies’ applications the Administrative Council is empowered to refuse the membership without explanation of the reasons.

General provisions

The members of the Association may be any and all legal entities who recognize its Charter and are able to contribute to its tasks and goals’ realization.

Full membership

It is expected that the full membership applicants:

  • are active venture capital players;
  • have a good reputation in venture investors’ community;
  • agree to comply with the RVCA Code of Conduct provisions;
  • have staff specialists engaged and experienced exclusively in venture investments;
  • have venture capital funds under management which have invested in one project at least and are actively making new investments;
  • actively participate in the investee companies’ development.


Associated membership

It is expected that the associated membership applicants are:

  • financial organizations possessing assets for long-term financing, however, this business is not core for them;
  • professional consultants (auditors, layers, financial consultants – legal entities);
  • scientific and research organizations actively involved in venture capital business.

The financial organization or professional consultant (legal entity) applying for associated membership are to:

  • have staff members which own practical experience in the venture capital field;
  • be experienced in venture investments at least in one project, where the applicant served as:
    • a capital source for long-term investing;
    • a legal consultant for one of the investment agreement participants;
    • an auditor firm or senior financial consultant of the firm or its managers.

Where it is the case of a capital source for long-term investing, such candidate should be either an independent capital source or, if not being a part of bigger organization, be clearly identified as branch or filial subdivision with its own experienced management team.

Membership fees

Amount of annual membership fees was confirmed at the annual RVCA meeting May 15, 2008, and it is equal for:

  • Full members – 100 000 rub.
  • Associate members – 50 000 rub.
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