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Agreement on co-operation of the development institutes

The Agreement on co-operation in the sphere of the innovation projects’ continious financing support at all stages of innovation cycle was concluded between key Russian development institutes and some organizations concerned on April 6, 2010.

Skolkovo innovation center joined to this Agreement on April 6, 2010.

Russian Foundation for Technological Development (RFTD) joined to this Agreement in 2012.

The Agreement is aimed at organization of the parties’ co-operation at determining the innovation companies’ needs and supplying the companies with instruments, services and favorable conditions for their efficient work on innovation projects realization in Russia and abroad. Its realization will allow creating the mechanism of information interchange ensuring permanent interaction of the Agreement participants at innovation projects maintenance and realization, as well as guaranteeing successive transmission of the projects under the profile development institutes maintenance.

According to the Agreement, the parties are ready to co-operate along the following directions:

  • Rendering financial support to the SMEs’ innovation projects at different stages of their realization;
  • Search of promising innovation projects and submission them for the other Agreement participants’ consideration;
  • Attraction of private investments to the projects supported by the financial development institutions;
  • Working-out united approaches to the innovation projects selection, expertise, structuring and realization.

Home : About RVCA : Agreements : Agreement on co-operation of the development institutes