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The Judges Team of the 4th Don Venture Fair has finished its work

The Judges Team has finished its work within the scope of the 4th Don Venture Fair that is being conducted in the "VertolExpo" Exhibition Center ground. The regional companies which presented their businesses at the Fair exposition had a unique opportunity to get a professional judgment from the experts − members of the Judges Team consisted of managers of venture funds' management companies, representatives of major institutes of development, private investors, and entrepreneurship experts.

The list of companies participated in the Fair was notable for wide range of industry branch preferences: the businesses from medical, educational, industrial, construction areas were brought to the judges' attention.

The judges, on the base of their investment and entrepreneurial experience, evaluated the companies which could most strikingly present their projects in correspondence with the today's strategic goals of the venture community. The judges had a difficult task to select 10 semifinalists from the businesses represented on the stands. After listening oral presentations of the companies, the Judges Team had to allocate the prize-winning places in the following nominations: "Best company of the Fair", "Promising business" (Gold, Silver and Bronze diplomas), and "Best presentation". Also, there was a special prize category − "The RVCA Sympathy".

After brief but thorough examination of the companies' information, meetings and conversations of the judges and the companies' representatives attended with heated discussions, the Judges Team appointed the winners:

  • The "Best company of the Fair" has become "NPK Plasma Technologies" LLC, engaged in manufacturing high-tech catalyst installations for the purposes of the automotive, chemical and nuclear industries;
  • "Promising business" (Gold diploma) was presented to the company "SCB Mechanics SFedU" LLC, having presented a modern development of toothed gears based on the curvature contact effects for the needs of effective machinery building;
  • "Promising business" (Silver diploma) was awarded to Scientific Industrial Company «Donskie Technologii» with its technology for the energy industry branch;
  • "Promising business" (Bronze diploma) was appointed the "BIOFIZSIGNAL" LLC which presented the development of ergonomic daily ECG monitor and electrode device in the form of a "smart shirt" − for comprehensive diagnostics of heart disease in the population;
  • Diploma for the "Best presentation" was adjudged to "FormaPlast" LLC setting up the manufacture of 40 different types of fiberglass profiles by using the pultrusion method;
  • The traditional for regional Fairs "RVCA Sympathy" nomination was given to SPE "Psychobiometrika" LLC with its specially developed printing biology simulator for independent and lab work for high school pupils designed for giving a young person the opportunity to perform actions imitating anatomical dissection.


It's worth noting that in the Fair framework the investors paid attention to the companies which did not enter the list of semifinalists but had presented some interesting solutions that promised to grow in efficient businesses based on innovative developments in the future.



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