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The organizers of the United 14th Russian and 7th Siberian Venture Fair instituted a prize fund for the exhibitors that will compete for victory in five nominations

In Novosibirsk, October 25, a session of Organizing Committee was held on the issues of conducting the United 14th Russian and 7th Siberian Venture Fair in the framework of International Forum of technological development “Technoprom-2013”.

On last Friday, in Novosibirsk, a session of Organizing Committee of the United 14th Russian and 7th Siberian Venture Fair took place, where the organizers of the large-scale events discussed a number of key issues related to the forthcoming venture fair.

The problems of realization, within the frames of the event, of strategic tasks which are able to consolidate the place of Russia in the global economical space and to accelerate its joining the sixth technological mode were on the agenda.

Conducting the Fair within the Forum’s frames sets some important tasks before the organizers:

  • To demonstrate the recent innovative developments of high-tech companies
  • To show preparedness of small innovative companies to interactions with large Russian enterprises
  • To display the potential of Russian companies for foreign investors in order to attain more active cooperation in the venture capital sphere
  • To announce the Novosibirsk region as a first-rate donator of scientific works and technologies which are in demand in the domestic and foreign markets.

In this connection, the participants of the session approved the list of exhibitor companies which successfully passed the expert selection of the Fair participants and gained the opportunity to present their businesses to prospected investors and partners. Exposition of the Fair represents a kind of cross-section of different economy branches which show a growth potential – medical, IT-technologies, machinery building, industry, nano-industry, etc.

You may familiarize yourself with the companies included in the exposition of the United 14th Russian and 7th Siberian Venture Fair here.

The organizers instituted also a prize fund for the winners in several nominations which will be determined by the results of the Judges Team’s work. Some money reward will correspond to each nomination, but the precise amount has not been disclosed by the organizers.

The following nominations have been defined in the competition among more than 50 participants:

  • Promising business (Gold diploma)
  • Promising business (Silver diploma)
  • Promising business (Bronze diploma)
  • Special nomination from Novosibirsk Oblast
  • The sympathy of RVCA (instituted by the RVCA Executive Directorate)

The Judges Team will be constituted of the venture capital market experts who can fairly estimate the successful business’ prospects owing to their practical experience.

Active players of Venture Capital industry, as well as well-known “guru” of venture entrepreneurship, ready to share their experience in the field of high-risky investments and commercial deals, will take part in the business program of the Fair.

The Venture Fair, during the periods of its conducting in regions, was rendering to many talented scientists, inventors and developers an opportunity to reveal their potential that later on conducted to realization of a number of innovative projects. Many exhibitor companies attracted investments and set contacts with the investors which helped to the starting innovative entrepreneurs to realize their ideas and present their businesses not only in Russia, but abroad as well.

Thereupon, the synergy of the two economically significant projects will be able to give a new impulse to development of international interaction of Russia with other countries, and will favor formation of the united innovation space the main function of which will become mutually beneficial cooperation in the sphere of high technologies.


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