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United 14th Russian and 7th Siberian Venture Fair has completed its work in Novosibirsk

The organizers of the event were RVCA, Foundation for assistance to venture investments in small enterprises in scientific and technical sphere of Novosibirsk Oblast, The Novosibirsk Oblast Fund for assistance to scientific and innovative activity, "Innovation Management Centre" JSC.

The United 14th Russian and 7th Siberian Venture Fair was attracting attention of business-elite during 2 days. Key happening of all the event has become exposition of the companies which presented potential of their businesses and were interested in attracting investments for growing their companies.

List of the companies included different economy branches: from medical and industrial sectors to the nano-industry and new material spheres. Representatives of the Judges Team composed of venture capital industry professionals and experts contacted with representatives of 53 companies which had been selected and prepared beforehand. The Judges had to − on the base of their experience and professionalism − evaluate the companies' presentations, select the best of them, and nominate winners in four nominations:

  • “Promising business” (Gold Diploma);
  • “Promising business” (Silver Diploma);
  • “Promising business” (Bronze Diploma);
  • “Promising innovative business of Novosibirsk Oblast”.

According to the results of meetings and conversations at the exposition, 16 companies-semifinalists were selected. Managers of these companies had to make impressive, short but informative presentation in front of the Judges Team within the frames of closed session. The semifinalists were:

  1. Vortex Technologies Center LLC
  2. AvaksisBiotherapeutics LLC
  4. Mineral LLС
  5. Systems of the Direct Current LLC
  7. “Patriot” Research and Production Association LLC
  8. "POLIPROM" Research and Production Association LLC
  9. SibGeoPribor LLC
  11. CyberTech LLC
  12. Research Creative Team of Novosibirsk State Technical University
  13. Power Element LLC
  14. Optical Medical Systems LLC
  16. EPIK LLC

In the presentation had to be taken into account not only financial parameters of the business, but also the complex of such parameters as innovativeness, market niche of the product, professionalism of the team, etc. Within very short time limits of contact with investor − near 6 minutes − it was necessary to recount the most important things in such a way that the investor could understand not only the base idea of the project and its business model but his prospected financial profit in the investment, also. In addition, it was necessary to present the project "in the language of investor" who wants to see a person to whom he may entrust his money, and – the most important − who is able to provide good return on his investments.

After thorough negotiations, following disputes and heated discussions, the members of Judges Team assigned finalists in aforenamed nominations which were awarded by prizes at special solemn ceremony summing up the two-day work of the exposition.

Gold Diploma in the “Promising Business” nomination was awarded to SibGeoPribor LLC, offering to the oil-extracting and oilfield services enterprises the hardware-software complex for continuous monitoring of the oil and gas wells’ outputs.

Silver Diploma was given to Saint-Petersburg company CyberTech LLC with its TRIK project which reveals new opportunities of technical creativity. "The unified TRIK platform" constructed on the TRIK unique controller is functionally surpassing the world analogs in the mass market price segment and will be interesting to professionals in the sphere of personal and service robotics. "Educational TRIK" successfully opposes fascinating training to all-consuming show business.

Bronze Diploma in the same nomination was awarded to UNIKOM AERO LLC, developing integrating software products’ package of IT-infrastructure of the airports and airlines certified according to the International Air Transport Association (IATA) standards. The system allows the airports and airlines in shorter terms and for reasonable prices to get access to the IATA standards, to increase safety level, and to receive a guarantee of maintenance of passenger services in the 24х7х365 format.

Vortex Technologies Center LLC was winner in the “Promising innovative business of Novosibirsk Oblast” nomination and was awarded by 1 million ruble prize – the investments were attracted for organization of production and bringing to the market of hardware-software complex (HSC) allowing cost-effectively acquiring standardized stem and other especially sensitive cells of human organism in preparative volumes.

At the Venture Fair the “Sympathy of RVCA” nomination is annually being separately awarded to one of the exhibitors (a company or a person) − the most distinguished from the RVCA representatives' point of view. This year, the “Sympathy of RVCA” was given to Stanislav Makarov − director of the "Power effective condenser system of starting internal-combustion engines of shunting locomotives" project. Director-Coordinator of Russian Venture Fair Igor Gladkikh explained this choosing of nominee: “Stanislav has very efficiently conducted his presentation within the time limits set by the Judges Team and said exactly that which was expected, and just the things necessary to inform audience on the subject his team is working at. After his presentation the experts did not have additional questions, because the material was absolutely clearly understood by everybody. Therefor he was awarded by the “Sympathy of RVCA” prize.

Albina Nikkonen, CEO RVCA, on presenting awards to the companies’ representatives, said that win in a nomination is a “… jumping-off place, beginning of a long way to the highest achievements in the innovation development sphere which never was easy. Your company’s future will depend only on you, your team and unity around your idea”.

All the winners expressed gratitude for rendering them an opportunity to participate in the event and marked practical importance of such communicative format. They also told about preliminary results of two-day work which brought to them new contacts and meetings with investors with discussion of future business collaboration.

The Fair business program was rich with interesting panel sessions, large-scale discussions, and lively round tables where the topics of the day in the venture capital sphere were discussed.

The key event of the first day of the Fair was the Plenary Session “Venture capital: the USA, Europe, Russia − current trends”. Opening the Session, organized with the assistance of “Vnesheconombank” State Corporation, Ivan Rodionov, Chairman of the Guardian Council of Venture Innovation Fund, said that topic of the Session was chosen no randomly, that exactly the efficient interaction and economical cooperation of the companies of the largest Russia’s regions will allow Russia discovering promising trends and undertaking actions needed for transition to new Technological set-up within the nearest years. In the Plenary Session participated not only domestic specialists in the banking and venture capital spheres but also the foreign partners who had been stating long since that Russia is “… the country in which it’s worth investing”.

Further in parallel mode passed the various sections devoted to the most topical issues of development of the venture investments sphere in Russia. Within two days, a unique opportunity to visit more than one and a half tens of events where in the format of open discussions, conferences and round tables it was possible to hear expert opinion on the trends and prospects of development of national venture branch, to get advice from mentors and "guru" of the venture industry, to discuss the most important problems interfering explosive development of innovative business, to learn about new programs of assistance to development of innovations in Russia from representatives of the largest Institutes of development (VEB, RVC, Skolkovo, RUSNANO, and so on) was presented to participants and visitors of the Fair. Representatives of small business also had opportunity to receive practical advice concerning patenting and intellectual property, to learn about the role of business angels in the environment of risky investments and how competently to build interaction "the customer-developer-venture investor".

The Russian Fair once again proved its prospects as an organizer of professional dialogue between the main participants of venture ecosystem: following the results of quiz, many companies positively responded about their experience of participation in the Fair and noted high level of attention to their businesses from investors. "There were representatives of investment funds who were interested in our project. With someone it was succeeded to exchange business cards and to communicate, and with someone it wasn’t enough time as everything occurred quickly and time to answer and communicate to each of several tens of people purely physically didn't suffice …" The Fair format not only promotes creation of positive climate in the risky investments sphere, but also creates image of Russia as a country ready to high-quality changes in all sectors of economy and opened to the international cooperation. Practical results confirm and prove that format of such a platform will be even more demanded by the industry in the foreseeable future.

The general partner of the Fair was “Vnesheconombank”, the strategic one – RVC JSC.

The informational partners were: private consulting company «Marchmont Capital Partners», Internet project “Corporate management”, business periodical “Strategy” Journal, informational-analytical edition «Venture Business News» and Venture Kitchen – joint project of RusBase portal of Innovation Centre of SRU HSE and RVC.


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