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RVC JSC and RIA Media Lab created the research project allowing to predict future of a company

RIA Media Lab together with RVC JSC launched the renewed research project FutuReview 2.0. The service is destined for long-term forecasting of macro- and micro-economical activities up to 2100.

This analytical ground should attract those persons who strive for competently analyze the trends and prospects of building their technological
business, – informed RVC.

FutuReview – is an attempt to create a system for finding information on the future as it is described in scientific and research publications. Among the hundreds of such publications (foresights and prognoses), the authors of the project selected the ones presenting most clearly the foresight (strategic prevision of the future on the base of current trends) as scientific methodology of description of the future. The service is available in Russian and English.

The documents selected for the site have been worked out by the order of public institutes and corporations and describe the world that will surround us in 2014–2100.

According to Ilya Kurmishev, director of the program of promotion of the RVC venture and innovation activities, the renewed service allows the user constructing detailed foresight in the interests of specific company. “This is a unique instrument which will be equally interesting to scientists, businessmen, and young specialists”.

Vasily Gatov, director of FutuReview project, said that the platform is not a science fiction. The published foresights combine the elements of long-term planning, expected scientific discoveries, as well as estimation of impact of these factors on the society and business.




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