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Skolkovo sums up the results of 2013

Digest of the 12th number SkReview:

"Skolkovo has overcome an initial stage of misunderstanding, – the Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev declared, appearing at the recent meeting of the Board of trustees of the Foundation. – The government is interested in that the Skolkovo project developed successfully", – noticed the Head of the government who was re-elected in December as the Head of the Board of trustees. The SkReview journal has collected opinions of politicians, scientists and businessmen on the results of three years' work of Skolkovo Foundation and its prospects.
Within the first 11 months of 2013, the participant companies of Skolkovo Foundation received financing at five and a half billion rubles, – as the Skolkovo director on investments Eduard Kanalosh reported to the journalists. More than 80% of this sum is external financing. At the same time, the number of investment deals of Skolkovo startups doubled for the past year in comparison with 2012.

Signing in December of the agreement on creation in Skolkovo a training aviation center with Boeing company participation became one of noticeable events of the last year. The project is financed by the money of private Russian investors, and assumes creation of laboratories, including these on improvement of educational exercise machines for pilots which are being manufactured by Russian TRANSAS company by this time already. The correspondent of SkReview has sat at steering wheel of one of the exercise machines and tells us about his impressions.

The report on construction in the Skolkovo territory is entitled "The Innograd (innovation center) sprouts from under the earth". Correspondents of the journal visited the objects being made, including the unique power substations of FGC UES which will feed with electric current the new city. The substantions on which the equipment of world leaders of power mechanical engineering – partners of the Foundation – is installed, have been completely finished already.

From underground construction – to space. Within the ISON project, the ideological inspirers and scientific coordinators of which have become Russian scientists, about 1,5 thousand asteroids (including 7 approaching with Earth), 6 comets (among them the first comet opened in the history of new Russia), and also more than 2 thousand not catalogued before objects of space garbage have been found. How to protect satellites from the "garbage"? Director General of Skolkovo company "ISON" Alexander Arkharov reflects on that within the SkReview interview.

For the Novas company (its "NovasSk" subsidiary – resident of the Foundation) the past year became very productive. It opened representation in Houston, signed memorandum of cooperation with UNIDO; the “Vietsovpetro” company included in its budget the implementation of offered by "Novas" pilot project on enhanced oil recovery of wells. And by the end of the year, the "Novas" technology was noted by the award "For Outstanding Achievements in the field of Innovations" at the Total Energy conference in the American Houston.

In the heading "Destiny of the Resident" one can find a detailed story about “YouScan” Skolkovo startup. By the end of last year the team became the finalist of serious competition of startups “Web Ready” in Moscow and the winner of Startup AddVenture in Kiev –with different projects at that.

To create a search system of the "Yandex" or Google level but for search of pictures – is an extremely ambitious task. But it was set by the founders of “Kuznech” company when launching their business. Now the company focuses on opportunities of application of the technology of face recognition on a photo.

Tomsk – Moscow – Palo-Alto (California): such are the main geographical milestones of life and business of young foundress of “3D Bin” Skolkovo startup. In online interview to the journal across the ocean the Siberian told about how she has came to “such style of life”.

Whether it is known to you, that ants descended from wasps? In the new heading “Miscelania” the editorial staff begins to familiarize you with unexpected, original, often amusing discoveries of scientists from all over the world.

Details – in hot from SkReview.

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