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Mobile innovative business arrives in Skolkovo

Skolkovo Foundation and i-Free Russian company specializing in the area of mobile innovations and development of solutions for highly safe non-cash payments signed an agreement on partnership. It provides, in particular, creation and placement in Skolkovo of the i-Free Research Center (RC). The agreement was signed by Senior Vice-President for innovations of Skolkovo Foundation Vasily Belov and Director General of i-Free Vyacheslav Ovchinnikov.

According to the signed agreement, cooperation between Skolkovo Foundation and i-Free company will concentrate on a number of important directions: researches in the sphere of payments safety and identification of mobile phones’ users will be conducted under the agreement. Development of unique algorithms and the software allowing to identify users unambiguously at carrying out payments, receiving state services, remote conclusion of contracts, public transport payments, etc. is planned.

Additionally, the project assumes carrying out researches in the field of processing large volumes of the user data (BigData) and further application of the obtained classifications for remote distribution of services.

The i-Free company will concentrate also on research and implementation of innovative technical algorithms of stimulation of the mobile phones users.

Development of effective models of consumers’ interaction with mobile terminals in various outlets is being planned.
The agreement also assumes creation in 2014 in the territory of the Skolkovo Innovation Center of the i-Free Research Center. It is planned that about 15 objects of intellectual property will be created in this Research Center within the next three years. The staff number of the Research Center will make 20 people.

Vasily Belov, Senior Vice-President for innovations of Skolkovo Foundation: "Attraction as partners of the Fund of the Russian hi-tech companies representing medium business – rather new and extremely promising tendency in development of our project. The partnership with companies like i-Free which are leaders in their areas allows us raising level of our R&Ds and supporting development of these businesses, their entry into new markets, at the same time".

Vyacheslav Ovchinnikov, Director General of i-Free: "We were always interested in creation of hi-tech products and actively invested in their development. In the sphere of our today's interests are the NFC technologies, BigData, artificial intelligence; the ecosystem such as one which is being created now in "Skolkovo" is necessary for their development. We are sure that our cooperation with Skolkovo Innovation Center will be productive and will lead to creation of solutions which will be demanded by the widest audience of users".

Details see on the Skolkovo Foundation site:

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