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RVC Biofund and Axellance Group came to an agreement on creation of Interregional Center for Sterilizing Technologies

RVC Biofund and Axellance Group made a decision on creation of a company rendering services in electron-beam processing of medical appliances and other production. The company will be called "Interregional Center for Sterilizing Technologies "Akcenter"" (further − Akcenter), and will become the first player in the Russian market providing commercial service on radiation sterilization in compliance with Russian and international standards.

Volume of the first round of investments in the created company will make 200 million rubles from the funds of Biofund and group of private investors.

Sterilization of medical appliances is one of the most widespread applications of the electron-beam processing technology. Additionally to sterilization, the electron-beam processing also is used around the world for disinfecting of foodstuff, grain, modification of polymers' properties, as well as for a number of niche applications such as processing of power semiconductor electronics, colouration of jewels, etc.

"Contract sterilization is a successful business around all the world. Players in this market operate both single centers and networks of tens sterilization centers. Major customers of such centers are producers of disposable medical appliances, but there are also other segments on which our Center also will be focused", − says Dmitry Rudash, project manager at Axellance Group.

Akcenter will open its first branch in "Stavrovo" industrial park of Vladimir Oblast. The Akcenter's first technological line will allow processing more than 60 thousand cubic meter of disposable medical appliances a year that completely will satisfy existing demand for sterilization of medical products in Ivanovo and Vladimir areas (the main cluster of producers of disposable medical appliances in the Russian Federation). In addition, the company also plans to render sterilization services to producers from other regions of Central federal district.

"Emergence of the first independent commercial center working according to the ISO 13485 standards (for medical appliances) is an expected step. The company has very good business prospect, – says Egor Beketov, Director General of RVC Biofund. – Provided positive reaction of the consumers, we quite easily will be able to scale business-model of the Project by attracting additional investments into Akcenter. By-turn, geographical expansion of the Project will allow not only to satisfy existing demand of local producers for hi-tech sterilization services but also will make the regions of Russia more attractive for establishing new manufactures, the technological chain of which include the stage of electron-beam processing of production".

"At designing of the first center, the international consultants with an experience in the leading companies of contract sterilization were attracted, and thus the principles of the branch "best practice" were taken into account. It is possible to safely predict creation in Russia of servicing business yielding to none in this respect to its foreign analogs. The diversified portfolio of the confirmed clients testifies that the Project is in excellent shape, with a potential to become the undisputed leader in this market", − comments John Woolston, independent member of the Akcenter Board.

About RVC Biofund

JSC RVC Biofund – a biotechnological fund in the JSC RVC portfolio of funds. Investment focus of JSC RVC Biofund covers the innovative biopharmaceutical companies and the service companies providing contract laboratory, analytical and consulting services to biotechnological, pharmaceutical and medical companies. In the portfolio of JSC RVC Biofund there are nine project companies developing new medicines and analytical methods, and also developing specialized services for biotechnological companies.

About Axellance Group

Axellance Group – a young technological company engaged in projects in the field of radiation technologies. The team includes young specialists experienced in implementation of large projects in the sphere of high technologies and Russian and international experts with more than 30 years' experience in nuclear branch. In the company's portfolio there is a number of own developments in the field of radiation modification of materials, sterilization of medical appliances and decontamination of various products.


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