Venture Capital Association

Code of conduct

RVCA membership implies rendering assistance to development of private equity and venture capital (PE/VC) industry by means of incentivization of entrepreneurs and supporting investments in promising business activities. The members should create favorable climate for the businesses which feel a need for venture investments.

The Association members and their representatives must follow the provisions of the RVCA Members Code of Conduct presented below, and avoid investing in the companies or taking part in the activities colliding with these provisions:

  1. The Association members should meet the ethic behavioral standards and always act fairly and evenly toward each other and the enterprises seeking for venture capital.
  2. The Association members engage themselves to conduct business professionally, and wouldn’t do anything that could discredit the PE/VC industry.
  3. The Association members recognize that their main goal is receiving profit from long-term investments, via strengthening the investee companies’ positions.
  4. The Association members who co-invest with other organizations (both members and not-members of the Association) have to operate on the base of total openness toward these organizations.
  5. The Association members shouldn’t accept capital commitments to their funds from unidentified sources.
  6. The Association members should be accountable to their investors by regularly and comprehensively reporting to them.
  7. No one of the Association members should abuse its position within the Association or misuse any information addressed to the Association.
  8. The Association members should treat with respect any confidential information given by the enterprises which need PE/VC investments as well as by the investee ones.
  9. Each member of the Association is due to provide the Association or its appointed representative with information on the investments. (The information of this kind will be used in the reports on PE/VC investing in aggregated form exclusively, and will be preserved confidentially).


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