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Russian Venture Fair

Since 2000, RVCA has been conducting The Russian Venture Fair – a premier annual event for Russian PE&VC market professionals.

Annually the Fair brings together the managers of major investment institutions, representatives of venture capital and private equity funds, banks, consulting firms, business-angels, owners and managers of innovative high-tech small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs), journalists, politicians from Russia, Europe, United States and other countries.

To date, more then 15 Russian Venture Fairs have been conducted – in Saint Petersburg, Moscow, Perm, Rostov-on-Don, Novosibirsk and Kazan.

Business program

Within the business program framework, in the interactive discussions and round tables format, the participants share their practical experience at the PE&VC sphere, discuss common problems and vital issues, and determine efficient development strategies for their companies. Participation in the discussions allows finding new partners and clients and laying the foundation of future business development.

A distinguishing feature of the Fair events is their “club” character which gives a unique opportunity to build effective business network among the main participants of the investment process – innovative companies and the investors seeking promising projects to invest in. Often the contacts established at the Fair may grow into effective business connections/investments in the future.


Exposition of the Venture Fair is a unique acting in Russia ground where the presentations of innovation companies concerned with attracting funds for their businesses grow and interested in mutually beneficial collaboration with private investors are being realized purposefully. The companies, which gained positive appraisal of the venture business experts in respect to theirs private equity attraction promising outlook and compliance with formal requirements of PE/VC investors, participate in the Exposition work. At the same time, the Russia’s region and industry branch of the company’s activity is not very important.

As it is shown by the Russian Venture Fairs’ experience, the effectiveness of Exposition work is much higher than the same parameter of foreign events: 13% of participating companies have attracted investments for their businesses’ development.

Regional Venture Fairs

Russian Venture Capital Association places high emphasis on forming investment and entrepreneurial environment in the Russia’s regions. Since 2005, RVCA has been realizing the project of regional venture fairs in close cooperation with government bodies of innovation-active regions of Russia.

To date, 20 fairs have taken place – in Kazan, Novosibirsk, Vladivostok, Rostov-on-Don, Krasnoyarsk and Irkutsk. Conducting such events has become a tradition for the regions which strive for development of innovation sector of economy and increase of entrepreneurial activity.

Venture Fairs 2023

Date Location Event
March 16 Kazan Russian Venture Forum


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