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Round Table: "Business angels in Russia: Beginning of a grand way"

On February 16 in Krasnoyarsk city, in the context of the 1st Yenisei Venture Fair, a round table: “Business angels in Russia: Beginning of a grand way” was conducted with the support of Russian Venture Company.

Igor Agamirzyan, Director General and the Russian Venture Company Board Chairman: “Volume of the market of available venture capital is growing fast in last two-three years having enlarged more than twice. At the same time, pre-seed grants and investments which back start-ups at the earliest stages remain the weak zone of Russia’s innovation system. In many respects, it is connected with sufficient protection of information on angel deals. In this connection, it is appropriate to continue system work aimed at increase of practicing business angels’ number as well as at more transparency of the venture capital market segment”.

Today in Russia there are from several hundred to several thousand of business angels, with the absence of absolutely precise figure at that. In spite of continuous growth of the number of business angels who make investments at the Russian territory, it’s too early to speak about maturity of the business angel investment market. For comparison, there are more than 18 thousand business angels investing in thousands of companies in Great Britain annually.

How and where it is effective to seek business angels? How to derive maximum profit from working with them? How do authorities stimulate private investments? These and other problems are to be discussed by experienced entrepreneurs and venture funds’ managers who share their business experience and tell about peculiarities of financing the high-tech early-stage companies.

To take part in the Round Table work are invited:

  • Konstantin Fokin, Director General, Center for Innovation Development of Moscow, President Russian Business Angels Association
  • Mikhail Charusin, Investment Manager, Russian Venture Company Seed Fund (RVC SF)
  • Gennady Medetzky, Executive Director, JSC Synergy Innovations
  • Edward Fiyaksel, President, Business angel association “Start Investments”
  • Andrei Eremenko, Executive Director, National Mentor Association
  • Edward Taran, Key Shareholder, “Lomonosov Capital” Venture Company, President Regional Fuel Materials Association


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