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Ceremonial opening of the First Yenisei Venture Fair took place on February 15 in the International Exhibition Business Center

Ceremonial opening of the First Yenisei Venture Fair took place on February 15 in the International Exhibition Business Center “Siberia” in the context of Krasnoyarsk Economic Forum.

When welcoming guests and participants of the Fair, Igor Agamirzyan, Director General of Russian Venture Company, said: “…In the recent years, a boom of capital investments was observed in the venture capital market – and now the situation is in progress, that favors capital inflow in technological business. And this is not only our estimate – this is the estimate of WallStreet Journal which thoroughly monitors Russian and global financial markets”. He wished success to the Fair participants and expressed a hope of successful realization of the important tasks that challenge the business community.

Albina Nikkonen, CEO of Russian Venture Capital Association, expressed her wish that the Yenisei Fair will unite the brightest, ambitious, and promising representatives of Krasnoyarsk Krai who put all their forces and creativity in the development of high-tech businesses with great potential, and, in the current realities, – in the future of the country. After wishing interesting meetings, promising contacts and new successes to the participants, she noted that the interest to innovation potential development is growing in regions. “Our main task – is to develop private equity and venture capital market, and I sincerely hope that the Fair activity and unofficial discussions will serve to solution of key tasks of economical renovation of Russia” – added Nikkonen.

Innovation early-stage companies, mainly from Krasnoyarsk Krai, present their businesses to venture investors with the aim of attracting funds for their further development and the product promotional support. The companies work in different sectors of economy: biotechnologies, metallurgy (traditionally very “strong” in the region), IT-services, etc. Among the list of the developments presented at the Fair the experts will see both seed-stage projects, and the projects seeking financing for exit and market consolidation.

A Judges Team is working at the Fair exposition from the early morning. Venture investors-practitioners, business angels, private equity funds’ representatives, consulting firms’ managers, and innovation entrepreneurship experts serve on the Judges Team. The Team will select the best companies in 5 nominations. Memorable diplomas and valuable prizes will be presented to the winner companies.

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