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Startup Monthly from Silicon Valley comes again to Moscow in September

Startup Monthly, one of leading venture capital funds and start-up accelerators in Silicon Valley, comes again to Moscow in September to propose onсe again a shortened variant of its super-successful intensive program of accelerator – Top-10 Startup Elevator program, as well as to conduct a number of events for investors and entrepreneurs.

On September 23, ten selected start-ups will be afforded an opportunity to network with Silicon Valley mentors who will help them to bring their businesses to a new level. They will be familiarized with applicable fundamentals of the Lean Startup methodology, learn and use in practice the Customer Development principles, redefine the characteristics of their minimum viable product, and get to know the ways of their business-model optimization.

All participants of the event will be invited to Startup Socials Party, where start-uppers, businessmen, and investors will have a chance to meet each other in informal environment.

You can apply for participation in the program in All application forms will be taken under consideration, and the selected start-ups will be invited to join this exclusive program.

One-day Top-10 Startup Elevator program includes the following themes:

  • System approach to acceleration of technological business development by reviewing key business-model hypotheses
  • Effective development of clients
  • How to structure the Lean, flexible and scalable start-up
  • Indices of development, and how to measure them
  • Minimum viable product (MVP) and road-map structuring
  • Attraction of users, and strategies of the users acquiring
  • Viral and social marketing
  • To pitch investors: brief and effective presentation of an idea’s essence and potential



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