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The key events of the early-stage investments market will be conducted October 2 and 3 in Moscow

On October 2 and 3 in Moscow will be conducted the key events of the early-stage investments market − the 12th Annual Winter University of the European Business Angel Association and the 4th Annual Congress of the National Business Angel Association. The Winter University and the Congress will take place on the first ground of acceleration of API Moscow projects at the territory of "Krasnyi Oktyabr" and will be the principal events of The Second Russian Business Angel Week, which is to bring together more than 2000 private investors, entrepreneurs, representatives of government officials and institutes of development, and foreign experts.

On October 2 − the first day of the Winter University − the participants will take part in the EARLY STAGE INVESTMENT BOOTCAMP − a training given by the experts of the European Business Angel Association, who will present their point of view on the early-stage investments market's current conditions and outlook, and will conduct a series of educational events for investors and entrepreneurs.

Private investors, business angels networks, managing partners of venture funds will learn how to properly analyze projects, structure deals, evaluate the effectiveness of investment portfolio. The entrepreneurs will listen to a detailed presentation on the issue of investments attraction from business angels and seed funds.
In the conclusion of the first day of Winter University and NBAA Congress, presentation of the 3rd Annual Award from the National Business Angel Association 'for the contribution in development of the early-stage investment market" will take place. The winners will be announced in six main and three special nominations.

"Never before the early-stage venture investment market played such significant role in the development of small innovative companies. To each hundred of new private investors correspond approximately 16 successful businesses, − sais Paulo Andres, President of EBAA. − The primary goal of the conducted in Russia Business Angel Week and, especially, the Winter University and the Congress − is to increase the number of active business angels, to develop their investor capacities and raise their chances to success".

The second day of the key events of The Second Russian Business Angel Week will be devoted to expert discussion of the early-stage venture investment market outlook and to the search of optimal solution of the main challenges for the global investment community. Welcoming speeches addressed to the event's participants will be delivered by the President of NBAA, Director General of the Moscow Center for innovation development Konstantin Fokin, minister of the Moscow Government, Head of the Science, Industrial Policy and Entrepreneurship Department of Moscow city Alexei Komissarov and President of EBAA Paulo Andres.

Business program of the second day of the University and Congress will start with a series of panel discussions concerning the issues of successful exit of investor, building sustained connections between the community and business accelerators, choice of optimal balance between business-angel investments and equity crowdfunding.

After lunch, the participants will decide between six parallel working sections at once, where the practical problems of the industry will be discussed: how to close a deal, to become a successful business angel, to protect intellectual property of portfolio company, to organize an association of private investors, to close syndicated deal and to build relations of trust with partners.

Towards the end of the second day, VentuRing competition will be conducted where the rank of best "experts" would be fought for between the teams of private investors, business angels, representatives of early-stage venture funds, nanocenters, business incubators, technoparks, institutes of development, service-providers and entrepreneurs. Moderator of the competition will be Leonid Edlin, creative director of AKM "IntelSport", "Brain-ring" world champion , champion of Moscow in the game "What? Where? When?", the participant of "My game" teleshow.


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