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9th Kazan Venture Fair

April 24, 2014, Kazan

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Kazan Venture Fair is annually held in the city of Kazan since 2005. The organizers of the event are the Russian Venture Capital Association (RVCA) and the Investment and Venture Fund of the Republic of Tatarstan.

Kazan Venture Fair is a two-part event, which includes the exhibition of the innovative companies, where company management present their business to a wider interested public and venture investors, and a Congress Unit, where the key topics of the Fair are discussed.

Over 100 representatives of investment funds and private investors all over the world attended the Eighth Kazan Venture Fair in 2013. The highest interest was shown by the investors from Austria, Belgium, Germany, Portugal, UK, USA, Finland and Switzerland. Overall over 1,500 guests all over the world attended the Fair.

Throughout the history of the Kazan Venture Fair, different events of the federal and global scale, such as the First All-Russian Festival of Science, the First Week of the Russian Business Angels and the 12th Congress of the European Business Angels Network (EBAN), the meetings of the working group of the Association of Innovative Regions of Russia (AIRR), the third round of the Russian Technology were arranged.

The Association of Innovative Regions of Russia, JSC RUSNANO, OJSC Russian Venture Company (RVC), R&D Small Innovative Enterprises Support Fund, the Skolkovo Foundation, NGO Agency for Strategic Initiatives to promote new projects, the National Association of Russian Business Angels, etc. were active partners of the Fair.

The following topic is suggested for the Fair in 2014: "Successful international models of the United States, Europe and Asia. Innovative Tatarstan: "catching up" or its own way of the development."

The following topics are offered for discussion:

  • The development of pharmacology as a driver of the regional development.
  • Venture capital development of industries.
  • Internet in Russia: following the world experience or a unique development path.
  • Increased productivity provides superior performance in the world markets.
  • Recycling and promising areas of recycling.
  • Car industry:  the necessity to localize the production of automotive components.

Companies from Asia, the implementation of investment projects of which is feasible on the territory of Russia, will be represented in special venues.
In addition to this, the representatives of innovative entrepreneurial companies will be offered an opportunity to speak to investors from Russia, Europe, Asia and USA.

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