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IPOboard and "Strogino" Technopark starting co-operation

In January, "Strogino" Technopark and IPOboard signed Agreement on co-operation.

The subject of the partnership are mutual efforts on investments attraction in innovation companies – the Technopark residents, with use of the IPOboard online information and trading system’s instruments.

The other directions of co-operation will be organization and conducting of mutual educational programs and events. The first seminar for innovation Technopark start-ups, organized by IPOboard specialists, will take place at the end of February.

Sergei Teplov, CEO of "Strogino" Technopark, says: "I am sure that co-operation with IPOboard will be very beneficial for our residents. Generally, collaboration of infrastructure projects, such as Technopark and IPOboars system, undoubtedly contributes to development of innovation sector in Moscow".


IPOboard is an online information and trading system for attracting capital for leading companies in the innovation sector of the Russian economy. The Project is a constituent of IIM MICEX and is being realized with the ROSNANO, Russian Venture Company and the other institutes of development close co-operation.

Technopark "Strogino" is a starting ground for small innovation companies. It works in co-operation with the Department of Science, Industrial Policy and Entrepreneurship of Moscow and some other governmental institutions and organizations for the small-sized entrepreneurship support infrastructure of Moscow city.


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