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Shimadzu Corporation has become the first Japan key partner of Skolkovo Foundation

Skolkovo Foundation signed agreement on cooperation with Shimadzu Corporation, Japan developer company of new methods of materials and systems research. The agreement was signed by Senior Vice- President on innovations of Skolkovo Foundation Vasily Belov and Head of Shimadzu Representative Office in the RF Tomonobu Sekoguchi. Shimadzu company has become the first Japan key partner of Skolkovo Foundation.
Cooperative activities of Skolkovo Foundation and Shimadzu company will continue to form values of the ecosystem of international level. The special attention will be paid to raising the level of integration of Russian innovative companies in the world innovative community. The Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technologies (Skoltech) will take active part in cooperation with Shimadzu and will render its research and educational opportunities for the joint developments.

Possibility of creation of the Shimadzu scientific and technical center in the territory of the innovative center "Skolkovo" is under consideration. The key directions of mutual research activity will become:

  • New methods of research of active substances for pharmaceutical industry
  • Research of live systems (distribution of active substances in tissues and metabolism)
  • Methods of purification and allocation of substances.

Vasily Belov, Senior Vice-President on innovations of Skolkovo Foundation:

"We are glad that cooperation with Shimadzu company has begun. Russia more and more actively works at the direction of R&D advance for pharmaceutical industry and medical sciences. I am sure that for Shimadzu, as well as for the other partner foreign companies, cooperation with Skolkovo Foundation it not only an active exchange with ideas and practices. It opens for them more ample opportunities for work in the Russian market".

Tomonobu Sekoguchi, Head of Shimadzu Representative Office in the RF:

"I've been working more than four years in Russia. I remember how a few years ago I welcomed with enthusiasm the news about creation the Innovative center here. And I am very glad that there came the moment when I am here, in Skolkovo, and we are signing this agreement. Our company is more than hundred years old, we successfully develop our main product − electronic measuring tools − which are applied in Japan in many spheres. I am sure, together we will be able to make something new, to create innovative products".

Kirill Kaem, Executive Director of the Skolkovo Foundation Biomedical Claster:

"I see several opportunities for development of the cooperation. First, it is scientific researches which are carried out by the company − excellent conditions will be created for them in Skolkovo. Secondly, during its work in Skolkovo, Shimadzu will be able to use its equipment, to commercialize here its opportunities. Not less promising is participation of the company in educational programs which we carry out in Skolkovo. We can work together, training people, forming thereby an innovative ecosystem".

Reference information

Shimadzu Corporation

The Shimadzu company was founded in 1875. At present, its headquarters is in Kyoto. Total number of employees: about 10400.

The main field of activity of the Japanese company is development of new methods of research of materials and systems, and also production of the equipment. The production centers of the company are located in Japan, the USA, Great Britain, Australia, the People's Republic of China, and Vietnam. The scientific and research centers are in Japan and the USA. In Russia, the representative offices of the company settle down in Moscow, St. Petersburg, and Vladivostok. In 2002, the Nobel Prize in chemistry was awarded to Koichi Tanaka, the employee of the Shimadzu Company.

Skolkovo Foundation

Development Fund for the Center for development and commercialization of new technologies "Skolkovo" – non-profit organization created at the initiative of the Head of the State in September, 2010. The Fund purpose – mobilization of resources of Russia in the field of modern applied researches, creation of favorable environment for implementation of scientific developments in five priority directions of technological development: power and energy efficiency, space, biomedicine, nuclear and computer technologies.

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