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Science and technology parks from around the world will gather in Moscow in 2016

Moscow has won the right for conducting International Congress of the Association of Science Parks and Areas of Innovation (IASP) in 2016. On October 21, 2014, the collective application of Science park "Skolkovo", Science park "Strogino", and Science park of Lomonosov Moscow State University, together with the Center for Innovative Development of Moscow at the Department of science, industrial policy and business of Moscow, with an absolute majority on a poll of full IASP members overtook its rivals – Istanbul (Turkey) and Utrecht (Holland). Following the results of vote on October 21, 2014, at the annual conference of Association in Doha (Qatar) the Russian capital collected 121 votes, Istanbul – 45 votes, Utrecht – 39 votes of full IASP members.

The main event of the Association – is the annual conference (IASP World Conference) which is a key platform for networking of the heads and top officials of the scientific parks from different countries. Conference lasts 3-4 days and attracts not less than 700–1200 directors of scientific parks from the different countries of the world. In the program of the Conference are seminars, trainings, workshops, and also the cultural program and open business communication.

Carrying on the Conference of scientific parks and innovative structures in Moscow, Russia, will promote formation of positive image of scientific, innovative, and enterprise environment of Russia as a part of the international community. For the Russian science and technology parks the Conference will become a unique opportunity for exchanging experience with the leading world experts, expansion of a valuable network of business contacts, discussing key and topical issues, searching ways of cooperation and interaction with colleagues.

Commenting this event, Anatoly Zaikin – Chief of the Department for investment projects support, Center for Innovative Development of Moscow, noted that "… only international partnership in the 21st Century will help us to develop successfully, and the congress of IASP, certainly, is the key event which attracts international science parks – the centers of country competences which we want to invite to Russia to exchange opinions and trends on the technologies development and implementation, both in Moscow and on the international scene. We are ready to be an international player", – he added.

In 2015, the IASP World Conference will take place in Science park of Zhongguanchun in Beijing, China.

In more detail about the Moscow demand for carrying out the International Congress of the IASP Association in 2016 –


IASP – International Association of Science Parks and Areas of Innovation – has been acting from 1984 and is the largest organization uniting science and technology parks, business incubators and institutes for support the development of science and innovations from around the world. Today, the IASP members are more than 400 science parks from 70 countries of the entire world, including Russian science and technology parks. Every year, the Conference takes place in a new country, with the organizer science park is been chosen two years prior the conference on a competitive basis by vote of full members of Association.


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